Action songs


Vol 1

Spaceman Sid

Good Advice


Who did that?

The Early Birds Orchestra

Seaweed Sam

The Brontosaurus Stomp

Monster Bite



The Travelling Smellysaurus

Faster and Faster


Ride on a Dolphin

Music is Fun!

Ollie the Octopus

I once saw an Elephant

Bop Wop-a-doo


Going Home

I'm the Conductor

Tame Edna

My Dog Sam

The Early Birds Hand-jive

Goodbye/Early Birds

lesson plans

“Enjoyable, wiggly, stompy and mind stretching songs for the early years and KS1. Plenty of catchy choruses and rousing refrains, as well as excellent advice such as ’Never use a hedgehog for a hairbrush’“ Times Educational Supplement.

These songs have been tried and tested with literally thousands of children all over the world.

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Here’s a sample: Spaceman Sid mp3